Sunday, April 15, 2012

April/May on Visual Radio Live


April 1, 2012 Live at the Dedham Holiday Inn,
Hirsh Gardner, Ken Evans, Moulty of The Barbarians

April 5 Rebecca Davis - author of Alan Wilson of Canned Heat - biography
Richie Sarno, co-host

April 12 Gary DeCarlo - in studio - STEAM, Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
1:30 or 2 PM for broadcast at 8 PM

April 19 Massachusetts/Medford State Rep Paul Donato

8 PM

April 20 Julie Zickefoose The Bluebird Effect

and from Bluebirds to a member of the group SPARROW...

April 26 Phil Greene of the band SPARROW, engineer Beaver Brown,
New Kids on Block (taped during the day due to Town meeting)

May 3 Skip Williamson, underground comics (taped earlier due to Town Meeting)

May 10 Author Stephen Davis (Aerosmith's Walk This Way, biographies on Carly Simon, Led Zeppelin's "Hammer of the Gods" etc.

May 17 Yasko Kubota Singer/Songwriter