Saturday, February 5, 2011

Great Show with Kieran Mulvaney on 2-4-11

Got a nice response on Facebook today!

"Joe - Love your cable shows. Keep up the great work!..."

Dave Hines February 5, 2011


Kate Genovese co-hosted with me last night. We spoke to Kieran Mulvaney about Polar Bears.

Next show should be back on Thursday nights for two weeks.

Friday 2-25-11 is the next scheduled Visual Radio Live / The Wonderful Show on a Friday night

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New LIVE show debuts on Friday 2-4-11

KIERAN MULVANEY to appear on first episode of VISUAL RADIO LIVE

Visual Radio goes LIVE on Friday nights starting February 4, 2011

Host Joe Viglione and guest-hostess Kate Genovese (of the tv show Table Talk) will interview Kierand Mulvaney at 8:10 PM on Friday night (see press release below)
to discuss THE GREAT WHITE BEAR: A Natural and Unnatural History of the Polar Bear

You can watch via the worldwide web

Broadcast on the Verizon network in most of Massachusetts and on
Comcast in Winchester

Preceding Visual Radio Live is the debut of THE WONDERFUL SHOW with
Joe LaRocca. FIlmmaker Joe LaRocca discusses the Oscars, the weather and his
Top Ten Films of 2010

Throughout 2010 WinCAM broadcast SOAPBOX with Joe LaRocca, Joe Viglione and other hosts.

Friday nights have evolved in 2011 into three programs...

The Wonderful Show from 7-8 pm
Visual Radio Live from 8-9 pm
Friday Night Films from 9-whenever

FRANK DELLO STRITTO discusses Sherlock Holmes TERROR BY NIGHT screening at 9 PM!


Join noted author Frank Dello Stritto and host Joe Viglione as they discuss the featured movie which follows Visual Radio each and every Friday night.

Dello Stritto's books include the Bela Lugosi biography Vampire over London as well as A Quaint and Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore

PREVIOUSLY AIRED on WinCAM's Friday Night Movie show
Sherlock Holmes Dressed To Kill

Sherlock Holmes & The Secret Weapon

Kieran Mulvaney

Polar bears are majestic creatures who make a perfect cold-weather story, and KIERAN MULVANEY celebrates them in his new book THE GREAT WHITE BEAR: A Natural and Unnatural History of the Polar Bear (1/12/11). Kieran will be in Boston on Friday, February 4 (doing an event at the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Saturday, February 5). Would you be interested to interview him?

THE GREAT WHITE BEAR also looks at the future for polar bears – everything about them, from their build and their behavior to their teeth, is designed for them to live on the sea ice and hunt seals. As the sea ice goes, so go polar bears. And the sea ice environment is declining: the last four years have seen the lowest Arctic sea ice levels in recorded history. Here’s a heartbreaking story Kieran wrote just last week – about a polar bear who had to swim for nine days (232 hours!) to reach sea ice:

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